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In Optimus Real Estate & Lifestyle have several strategic alliances with the main banks, as well as with financial companies, lawyers and title companies, both in the US. as in Mexico, so we can support you to solve all kinds of needs related to these important matters.

Our mortgage partners provide you with the best personalized attention and professional advice so that you can find the mortgage loan that best suits your needs.

We understand that the decision to acquire a mortgage is a sensitive and very important matter for you, therefore we are committed to supporting you throughout the entire process, from selection to final approval.

Thanks to our strategic alliance with one of the most important Title companies in South Florida, we can provide you with a wide range of title services with the greatest efficiency and professionalism.

Offering you the most modern online transaction management system (online TMS) that allows parties to close, quickly and easily access information related to their real estate transactions.

As our ally is a company run and operated by lawyers specializing in real estate, there is a clear advantage over other title companies, since they have a great capacity to face complex legal problems that could arise in real estate transactions.

Likewise, thanks to our strategic alliance with one of the most important immigration law firms in South Florida, at Optimus we can support you to obtain a free counseling session so you can know in detail everything related to immigration services and processing of all types of visas for the US.


All the services described here are offered and carried out by various professional companies, registered and specialized in each of their respective services, with which Optimus has entered into strategic alliances, previously carrying out an analysis and evaluation of their services, this in order to to provide our customers with the highest quality and professionalism possible. ​


However, Optimus is not responsible for the costs, quality and performance of the services provided by these third party companies.

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