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7 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate in the US

  1. Bank financing: Many banks in the US offer foreigners home loans with very attractive interest rates and simple requirements.

  2. Low Interest Rates: Normally around 7%

  3. Valuation: The real estate market continues with a high price valuation, mainly in Miami, Florida with a valuation of 20%. It ranks third in the US behind Cincinnati (22%) and Cleveland (23%).

  4. Tax Benefit: Rental earnings in the United States tend to be poorly recorded or unrecorded.

  5. Profitability in Dollars: In the US, a net profitability of 7.5% to 11% per year can be obtained, in dollars.

  6. Security: Security in the United States is one of the main factors that motivate Latinos to immigrate in search of a quieter and safer life. Due to the social inequality being less and the economy evidently more stable, a much more reliable environment is created.

  7. Nice and welcoming environment: The stable economy and security are not the only reasons to move to the United States, mainly Miami. The pleasant climate, quality of life, modern and cultural atmosphere are also decisive attractions for investing in real estate in the United States. Miami has several cultural and leisure attractions for all tastes such as parks, museum and art galleries as well as an intense nightlife with its bars and nightclubs and, of course, its incredible gastronomic variety.

Quick Investment Guide

  1. Contact Optimus Real Estate & Lifestyle, who has access to all properties that are within the US market.

  2. Define if your purchase or investment will be in cash or through bank financing. Foreign investors can obtain mortgage loans with a 35% down payment and the remaining 65% financed for 15 or 30 years, with rates of approximately 5% per year.

  3. Define the type of property you want, price, location, etc.

  4. Define under what legal figure the purchase will be made.

  5. Once the property has been identified, Optimus will negotiate for you the best terms and conditions, as well as the lowest price.

  6. A written offer is submitted, terms are negotiated, and finally accepted.

  7. The purchase and sale contract is signed.

  8. The banking and financial procedures are carried out.

  9. The operation is closed and the property title is signed.

Note: These terms and conditions may change at any time. Please contact us to analyze your case in particular and thus be able to present you a personalized proposal that meets your needs and expectations.

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