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Real Estate Purchase Process in Mexico for Foreigners

1. Choice of property based on budget

2. Hiring of trust (Processing time; 7 to 10 business days).

3. Integration and review of legal and technical documentation of the property.

4. Integration of the buyer's file to request permission before the Secretary of Foreign Relations (SRE).

5. Present Copy of Birth Certificate and Passport

6. Completed “KYC” Form duly signed.

7. Proof of address.

8. Payment of fiduciary fees

9. Payment of federal rights.

10. Sent legal documents of the property to the notary.

11. Deed

12. Taxes

13. Catastral Certificate

14. CFE receipt

15. Foreign relations permit

16. Certificate of not owe fees and water.

17. Preparation of deed project by the notary.

18. Review and approval of project by sellers and creditors if any.

19. Signature of deed.

Note: These terms and conditions may change at any time. Please contact us to analyze your case in particular and thus be able to present you a personalized proposal that meets your needs and expectations.

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